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3. Wait while you are taken to the animal
You'll see a path scene that will display facts about the animals in Switch Zoo while the animal scene loads.

animal scene4. Switch the animal's head
Once you see the animal, click on any of the buttons that depict animals' heads. The animal's head will change into the new animal you selected. Or you can keep the primary animal's head and go on to change the other parts.

5. Change the animal buttons to legs or tails
head, legs and tail buttonsWhen you're done choosing the head, look at the lower row of buttons and you will see a little diagram of an animal's body that is separated into three parts: Head, Legs and Tail. Click the Legs button or Tail button to change all of the heads buttons to those features.

legs buttons6. Switch the animal's legs and tail
The upper row of buttons and the buttons in the Quick Switch panel now show images of each animal's legs or tail, depending upon your previous choice. Click one and watch your animal change. Try clicking other buttons to create many different combination animals.

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